Review of human powered flight to 1990 by Chris Roper download

Nihon University man-powered aircraft since 1963 download

Man Powered Flight by Keith Sherwin download

Aircraft plans

Aerocycle plan download

Airglow plan download

Betterfly plan download

Bionic Bat plan 1 download

Bionic Bat plan 2 download

Gossamer Albertross plan download

Gossamer Condor plan download

Gossamer Condor plan set drawn by Paul MacCready  download

Marathon Eagle plan download

MIT Daedalus plan download

MIT Michelob Light Eagle plan download

MIT Monarch B plan download

Musculair 1 plan download

Toucan plan download

Velair 89 plan download

Magazine articles

Progress with Man Powered Flight by Ron Moulton in Aeromodeller February 1977 download

Jack Lambie tells his story of the Gossamer Condor in Aeromodeller March 1978 download

Gossamer Albatross as seen by Ron Moulton, Martyn Cowley, and Pat Lloyd in Aeromodeller September 1979 download

Pat Lloyds Gossamer Albatross drawings download

Chrysalis, Human–Powered Airplane: it Flew the First Time Out! in the MIT Technology Review download

Solar Challenger By Martyn Cowley in Aeromodeller June 1981 download

Pat Lloyds Solar Challenger plan from Aeromodeller download

Muscle Hustle! Hans Gremmer and Ron Moulton review the fall of Man Powered Flight records in 1984 in Aeromodeller May 1985 download

MIT Daedalus in Aeromodeller August 1988 download

Pat Lloyds MIT Daedalus drawings download

Papers and reports

Long Builds & Short Flights, My Experience of Flying and Constructing Human Powered Aircraft, Kit Buchanan, RAeS, 2022 download (20 MB file)

The development and construction of Aerocycle, John Edgely, RAeS, 2017 download (87 MB file)

Human Powered Flight, what can the Past tell us about the Future, John McIntyre RAeS, 2016 download

Inflatable Structures and their Application to Human Powered Flight, F. To, RAeS, 2010 download

The Two Remaining Unchallenged Kremer Prizes of £100,000 and £50,000, J. McIntyre, RAeS, 2010 download

Human Powered Aircraft at Altitude, Dr Bill Brooks, RAeS 2010 download

Aslam, a Human Powered Aircraft by the Students of Nanyang Technological University, Prof Ray Palmer, RAeS 2010 download 

Airworthiness of Human Powered aircraft for sport in near ground turbulence, John Wimpenny, RAeS 2006 download 

Preparing for the Kremer Marathon, Zoltan Prohaszka, RAeS, 2005 download

Flight Testing of the “Möwe” Human Powered Aircraft and Analysis of the Data from the Data Logging System, Toshinari Nomura, RAeS, 1998 download

Plan for Möwe download

Some Preliminary Results from a Programme of Flight Research with a Low Reynolds Number Aircraft, J McIntyre and R Lean, RAeS 1997 download

The Human Powered aircraft Velair: design details and the results of structural, propeller, and flight tests, Peer Frank, 1994 International Human Powered Flight Symposium. AIAA Pacific Northwest Section and the Museum of Flight. download

Velair weight table  download

A. D. B. Evans, The Human Power Plant. from, "Human Powered Aircraft The Way Ahead." Proceedings of the Human-powered Aircraft Group Half Day Conference at the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 24th January 1989 download

F. E. To, Phoenix A Polyester-Film Inflatable Man-Powered Aircraft download

The Muscalair 1 & 2 Human-Powered Aircraft and Their Optimization, E. Schoberl download

Design and construction overview for the Marathon Eagle aircraft, Wayne Bliesner, RAeS 1991 download

Bliesner, Wayne. Pedal Powered Airplane, (Construction of Marathon Eagle), Status Report of the Flight Research Institute, 1992  download

Gossamer Condor, Aerodynamics Of Flight At Speeds Under 5m/s, P.B.S. Lissaman, H.R. Jex, and P.B. MacCready, RAeS 1979 download

and Appendix A of the Lissaman, Jex, and MacCready paper download

M. S. Pressnell, The Structural Design and Construction of Man Powered Aircraft. - A paper about 'Toucan' 1977 download

J. C. Wimpenny, Structural Design Considerations of Man-Powered Aircraft. - A paper about 'Puffin' 1975 download

Problems of man-powered rotorcraft 1962 download

B. Shenstone, Engineering Aspects of Man Powered Flight, Journal RAeS, August 1960 download

D. R. Wilkie, Man as an Aero Engine, Journal RAeS, August 1960 download

T. R. F. Nonweiler, The Man Powered Aircraft, Journal RAeS, October 1958 download

Technical information and data

Wortman, F.X. Airfoil Design for Man-powered Aircraft. The Second Man Powered Group Symposium at the Royal Aeronautical Society London 1977. Aerofoils used on Musculair 1 and 2 download

Richard Lean, Wind-tunnel testing the DAI1335 Aerofoil download

Coordinates for FX76MP-100 download

Coordinates for FX76MP-120 download

Coordinates for FX76MP-140 download

Coordinates for FX76MP-160 download

Airfoil section data for HPAs download

How to make CFRP tubes download

Prandtl's 1933 paper translated by Miguel Silvestre download (Also see: Why birds don't have vertical tails - A talk by Albion Bowers from NASA on the links page.)

A Pictorial Account of the Fundamentals of Propeller Theory and its Application to the Design of a Pedal Driven Airplane Propeller, Prof. E. Eugene Larrabee download

Propeller Design And Analysis For Pedal Driven And Other And Aircraft, E. Eugene Larrabee and Susan French, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts, Presented at the XVIIth Congress Paderborn, Germany Italy 1981 download

Adkins, C.N. and Liebeck, R.H. Design of optimum propellers. AIAA Paper 83-0190, January 1983  download